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Introducing P.T. Choo Choo

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All aboard the P.T. Choo Choo Chocolate Bar! The most delicious chocolate bar you’ve ever tasted is coming right down our tracks to you at the Paul Thomas Chocolates store.

Like our home of Dahlonega, we’re comfortable with our small town feel, our historic buildings, and our close-knit neighbors. It’s a wonderful, relaxed, right at home feeling here. Not to mention all our splendid tasting chocolates like our new P.T. Choo Choo Bar.

Come visit our little, comfy home…O.K., store. Our tasteful little shop has lots of exposed wood beams, high ceilings, and greenery all around. You’ll even see the P.T. train running right on schedule, high above our charming, home. Nothing modern here except the smell of new delicious, chocolate tasties just made. Or have a look at our Christmas Collectibles scattered about…the season we celebrate all year round! Our visitors say they’re comfortable. They say our store is from an antique era, but we think it’s just plain cozy and filled with great tasting chocolates.

That’s exactly what our scrumptious P.T. Choo Choo Chocolate Bar is all about. It commemorates the beautiful little train that runs high above and around our store every day. We just love it. That’s why our elegant old train from the past, with its lovely coal burning locomotive, pulling its 7 cars of freight and its old caboose ambles all around our store every day…just tooting away.

So, come and enjoy the out of the world taste of the P.T. Choo Choo Chocolate Bar in three distinct flavors – milk, dark and white chocolate. We’ll even ship it to you. Just visit Or visit our comfortable store and watch our lovely, old train make its rounds. It’s delivering the best tasting chocolate you’ve ever had…especially our new P.T. Choo Choo Chocolate Bar. Next stop…yummy!

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