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S'mores In Your Mouth!

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“S’mores…Oh-h-h-h… Yum-m-m-m-y Scrumptious!!!

That’s so good!!! M-M-M Tasty!!! Wow!!!”

Ah, Another satisfied Paul Thomas Chocolates’ S’mores Customer

Everybody knows Paul Thomas Chocolates’ handmade, delicious S’mores. And if they don’t we have a new batch just coming out of the oven waiting for you and yours. What’s really unique about our S’mores is our recipe and how we make them. And nobody in the world has anything like a Paul Thomas Chocolates’ S’mores…nobody!

We started by making our own famous marshmallows. That’s right, we make our very own delicious, marshmallows - it’s actually the first confection we ever made - over 40 years ago! They’re the foundation and center of our, out of this world, S’mores. They are the most scrumptious, tasty, white, fluffy squares - not ordinary and round - you’ve ever put in your mouth. They’re the center of our unique creation. Oh, what a delectable taste they have! Then, we take a wonderful, flaky, honey tasting Graham Cracker and place our brilliant marshmallow right on top of them. After - here’s the sweet part - we take just a little part of heaven, our luscious, rich, milk chocolate or our mouth watering, semi-sweet chocolate and cover all of it in their delectable flavors. Oh, how sweet that is!

So come visit us soon. And one thing’s for certain. Once you taste a Paul Thomas Chocolates’ S’mores.

You’re gonna want a whole lot more of our S’mores!

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